Discover Heated Tobacco

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HEETS made for IQOS

IQOS heats tobacco instead of burning it,
making IQOS and HEETS deliver the tobacco experience without the smoke.

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What are HEETS?

HEETS offers a range of taste experiences from rich to refined, including tobacco with menthol and new aromatic tobacco blends.

Inside a tobacco manufacturing facility

are made.

Tobacco in every HEETS stick is prepared using a processing method called ‘cast leaf process’ to optimize the tobacco for heating. The tobacco leaves are ground into powder and reconstituted into tobacco sheets. These sheets are crimped and made into a tobacco plug which, combined with all the other parts, creates a HEETS stick

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Tobacco journey.

HEETS made for IQOS

Huge tobacco leaves freshly cut and carried by farm worker

From farmer to consumer.

The journey to offering you this experience has a lot of tiny steps. It begins with farmers who care deeply for their crop, from America to Mozambique, Italy to Indonesia - they know their soil, the weather, the seasons - they are up at dawn and with their crop all day long.

Tobacco field at sunset

Beating heart.

They are the beating heart of this industry – the toil and grit and determination needed to work the lands is not to be overlooked.  The master blenders of Philip Morris International sample tobacco from around the world, selecting the best tobacco origins and qualities giving the attention and care to the tobacco aroma and taste profiles.

IQOS holder with HEETS stick next to a charger on red notebook

Years of experience.

It takes years of experience to master the art of blending which consists of knowing individual tobacco profiles by heart and the synergies that can be achieved when combined to create the experience that you prefer.

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